About Academy Casual

Welcome to Academy Casual - our founder, Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, arrived in 1777 to provide American soldiers with a proper understanding of discipline and fashion. Ever since, true patriots trust us for their favorite PT shirts to wear in and out of the barracks.


I'm Mike Nemeth, an '04 grad. I've been putting together West Point satire for a long time - like before there was even YouTube. I wrote a weekly satire newsletter called 'Center Stall' and made a few videos, like 'The Barracks Linebacker' while I was a cadet. Since then, I've made some officially licensed USMA products, including a children's book titled 'West Point A to Z.'

I created this site originally as a spoof of the new 'Army West Point' re-branding. I've done a fair bit of e-commerce projects on the side when I'm not at my 'day job' - I use a platform called Shopify that's so simple that I built the site in an evening (in a house with an infant and a toddler).

A few cadets and grads bought some shirts and it was fun. Meanwhile, I also started talking with some people that really knew t-shirts. Here in Ohio where I live, there's a company called 'Homage' - they make really fun shirts that subtly (or not so subtly) tell people where you're from - either city or school. Essentially they make the kinds of shirts you don't find at gift shops. They're super soft and comfortable - not always the cheapest - but they make you smile. Once Homage got started, they eventually became an official licensed vendor for schools like Ohio State.

So that's what I want to do with Academy Casual. Most of the 'official' gift shop merchandise just doesn't do it for me. We've all got stories to tell about our time at West Point so I wanted to create some fun shirts that you'd be proud to wear. And now, I'm excited to announce that I can offer exclusive and officially licensed products from the United States Military Academy.

This is most certainly not my full time job - but it's important to me to keep bringing some laughs to cadets and grads. I'm not Amazon, but I am a systems engineer. Orders head to the printers once a week and then I batch and ship the orders about once a week. You'll get an automated tracking notification when your shirt ships just like you would from any other store. However, Academy Casual is a 'family operation.' All of the store emails go to me - if you ever have any questions, just let me know. I've had some amazing customers on here so far - when I was starting out, I switched 2 orders and 2 grads got the wrong shirts. They contacted each other and mailed their shirts to one another... and then told me! If anything is wrong with your order, let me know and I'll make it right. 

Enjoy Barracks Linebacker. Enjoy the original Army Point Academy satire below. Enjoy your Academy Casual shirts.

...and Go Army (West Point)






West Point, N.Y. - Army Point Academy Athletics today introduced their new mascots, just one week after a successful re-rebrand announcement.  Unable to reach a decision on picking just one mascot, Army Point Academy is proud to introduce TWO new mascots: FRAGO, the Gray Knighted Mule, and The Generals.

Temporary Chief Director of Army Point Academy Branding Pankaj Sharma generally ignored most of the user submissions to the previously announced contest, dismissing them as "the kind of crap that Nike would come up with. What the hell is a green girl, anyway?" Said Pankaj, "This one was easy. What happens if you just combine a black knight and a mule? You get a Gray Knighted Mule. Mike asked me to incorporate an element of general disdain and bitterness into his facial expression. I hope that I've done it justice." 

Additionally, Army Point Academy is very excited to introduce another mascot. You choose exactly when you want to use The Generals instead of FRAGO. It's entirely up to you. Brand consistency is out the window and not a concern for Army Point Academy. Other military academies talk about how important the cadets are, (even kind of think about making them a mascot) but at Army Point Academy, we know exactly who should shine in the spotlight. 


COL Ty Seidule, Department Chair of the Army Point Academy Academic Department of Historical Facts from Previous Years, was super enthusiastic about the new mascots too, adding "I will literally read anything that is put in front me while I'm on camera. Go Army Point Academy Gray Knighted Mules! The Generals?"


WEST POINT, N.Y. - Army Point Academy Athletics today introduced a new brand and identity system just one week after their failed rebrand announcement. The updated re-rebrand identity provides an even more entertaining look at one of the most bewildering brands in all of intercollegiate athletics.

Army Point Academy Athletics and Center Stall Mike Nemeth collaborated on a new re-rebrand evolution program. Instead of sticking with the multi-million dollar Nike branding team, Mike Nemeth spent $99 on a guy in India named Pankaj Sharma and gave him 24 hours to create a new name, logo, and letters. With the goal of creating an even more confusing name, Mike and Pankaj quickly settled on Army Point Academy, which officially and absolutely was not at all inspired or has any connection to West Point, Army West Point, United States Military Academy, or any other licensed trademark held by the NCAA.

"To separate the Point from Army Point Academy is to take away from the Point of the Military Academy. What exactly is the Point of all of this anyway?" said Lt. Gen. Robert Louis Caslen, Jr., APA superintendent. "For the record, I’m still advocating that we rename the entire institution ‘The LTG Robert Louis Caslen Jr. Military Center for Cadets Who Can’t Lead Good."

Said Temporary Chief Director of Army Point Academy Branding Pankaj Sharma from his home in Hyderbad, India, “I was pretty excited to crank this job out after Mike contacted me. It’s not everyday that you’re given the chance to show that Nike is really just an overpaid and uninspired group of corporate suits that take advantage of collegiate programs desperate for better brand recognition. I did like their Athena Shield though – it was pretty bad ass, but I totally topped it with the new one.”



The common theme of honoring the past while looking toward the future still holds true in the new brand mark created by Pankaj. “I made a tank. And then I put a guy on it with a rifle shooting stuff, because I think that’s what you used to do in the Army,” said Pankaj. “Then I figured I should add a drone, because now you just blow stuff up from the sky, right?”


Mike Nemeth personally selected the new official Army Point Academy font. “I appreciated the historical reference to military stencils from World War II. You know who else uses stencils? Prisons. So I downloaded a free Prison stencil font. ANS, Double Underline, Done.”



COL Ty Seidule, Department Chair of the Army Point Academy Academic Department of Historical Facts from Previous Years, was super enthusiastic about the new brand, mostly because he was not forced to make another video testimonial to justify simply putting words together.