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About Academy Casual

Welcome to Academy Casual - our founder, Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, arrived in 1777 to provide American soldiers with a proper understanding of discipline and fashion. Ever since, true patriots trust us for their favorite PT shirts to wear in and out of the barracks.

Our mission is to entertain, inspire and outfit the West Point family.


I'm Mike Nemeth, an '04 grad. I've been putting together West Point satire for a long time - like before there was even YouTube. I wrote a weekly satire newsletter called 'Center Stall' and made a few videos, like 'The Barracks Linebacker' while I was a cadet. Since then, I've made some officially licensed USMA products, including a children's book titled 'West Point A to Z.'

Every year I attempt to pull off an Army Navy prank that is crazier than the last. So far, I've convinced major news outlets that Annapolis is celebrating 'Go Army' Day - and even took over Amazon so that the number one recommended item about the Naval Academy was my prank book

This is entirely a hobby for me - and my opportunity to continue to give back to the West Point community - one day I'll retire and do this full time, but in the meantime, I'm working hard on a company of my own - Emblem Athletic - which provides custom athletic wear for teams. 

If there's any way I can help any of you - from sharing more about writing books and building companies, to brainstorming ideas about Army Navy pranks - it's the highlight of my day to hear from other West Point fans - you can reach me at 

Enjoy Barracks Linebacker. Enjoy your Academy Casual shirts.

...and Go Army!