Academy Pillow Fight

Welcome to the home of the first ever Army/Navy spirit video game: Academy Pillow Fight

I'm really excited to share this with you. It was far more work than I expected and I couldn't have done it without the help of a talented programmer in France named Nicolas. His brother served in the French Army alongside the U.S. Army in Afghanistan so he was a West Point fan before we even met. 

Available now for $0.99 for iPhone and Android

Game play instructions: select your character. hold your phone like an old nintendo controller. tap with your left thumb to turn left, right thumb to turn right. both thumbs to swing your pillow. 

The goal is to see how long you can last. Like many parts of West Point, it's impossible to win - just play until you're ultimately defeated despite your best effort. If you get frustrated, play as the Supe's jeep and just run over midshipmen and cadets for a while. 

There are no ads and all players are unlocked in the paid mobile version. I had fun making this game, but it also cost money. I initially wanted to make it free and include ads, but the economics of it with a relatively small audience didn't work. If you're like me and have never paid for a mobile game before, I understand, but I hope you'll make an exception!

Your purchase of the app or of merchandise from this site supports future updates, like expansion into Highland Falls and Camp Buckner as well as some other game ideas I have in mind like Plebe Boxing. Do you have ideas for what you'd like to see in updated versions - share them with me on Facebook at or email at

Go Army! Beat Navy!

For those of you on government salaries where $0.99 is just too much, I'm also offering a free version online. It is a desktop/laptop only version. You'll have to follow a few simple steps. Trust me, it's worth it.

1. We built the game on a platform called Unity. It's the same software that is used for games like Angry Birds. To play the game below you'll need the Unity Webplayer. Download the Unity Webplayer here - 

2. Open the game page: http://wwww.academycasual/pages/academy-pillow-fight-play (link will open in new window - keeps this page mobile friendly) with an approved browser: Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer - Unity for Google Chrome is coming soon. Wait patiently for game to download - perhaps think about which item on this site would make for a great gift in the 60-90 seconds it will take. The game file is 35MB and I have enough bandwidth to handle 6,000 downloads each day (~200GB). 

3. Defeat the midshipmen before you get knocked out! Use your mouse to scroll through the characters. Left and Right keys control the character and the space bar swings the pillow. See if you can make it all the way to Michie Stadium as a New Cadet. Much like grades at West Point your final score is a complicated formula you'll never understand (it's a combination of time survived and opponents defeated). Beat Navy!